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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Let's Hear the Truth

Sen. Kerry made a boo-boo. Everyone is up in arms. But you know what? He spoke the truth. Do you see a lot of Congress and Senate kids going to war? Do you see the Bush twins over in Iraq? No. And why? Because the undereducated and poor DO end up in Iraq. Kerry spoke the truth, and now the White House wants him to apologize for it. I guess they're not used to hearing the truth over there in the White House.

Kerry should not apologize, but instead use this emotional, controversial topic to run again in 2008. It's about time someone exposed all the "icky" topics no one wants to talk about. Our corrupt government needs a big mirror to look into. It needs someone who will stand there and say, "Look. Look at what you did. Look at what you are. Do you like what you see?"

Is Kerry the guy to do this? Probably not, but it needs to be done.

Let us unite in universal celebration that Bush will soon be out of office. Let us say a prayer for the poor bastard that has to take his place.

SOME MORE TRUTH: Rev. Sharpton takes a stand. It is about DAMN time that someone told the christians how it is, and how it should be.


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